Business Process Outsourcing


Support to all project initiatives of strategic, innovative, operational, technological, reorganization interest through lean & change management. Supervision of project phases (initiation, planning, execution, control, closure). Preparation of ad-hoc reports, assistance with budgets and generated margins. Support in the field of contractual procurement for the quality of goods and services, times and budget required. Analysis of the operational aspects of the "supply chain, purchasing department": planning, procurement, production, delivery. Maintenance and increase of profitability through the analysis of the KPI(s) indexed through the cost & revenue assurance. Preparation of management architectures, project plans and intermediate SAL. Supervision of the Customer Service function for an appropriate management of order acquisition and post-sales. Verification and evaluation of FTE(s) in relation to expected workloads and service objectives and the safeguarding of working capital.


Access to Facilitated Finance We have in-depth knowledge of the instruments of subsidized finance because we operate vertically in the complex area of ​​the system of obtaining funds. Through the technical analyzes we take care of the entire process of acquiring the subsidy, up to obtaining the desired loan and reporting. We help evaluate which tenders are most suitable for growth needs, providing an investment planning system that will allow cyclical access to tenders that are always new and useful for business purposes. Our team of experts will help you evaluate which tenders are most suitable for your reality and your growth needs, providing you with an investment planning system that will allow you to access cyclically new tenders that are always useful for your business purposes. With us you will be able to make subsidized finance a corporate asset to be permanently integrated into the ordinary financial management of your business. Our goal is to optimize your investments to get you the maximum available contributions. Discover our method, the results will not be long in coming!


Internationalizing your business means bringing your business into new international markets, allowing it to establish relationships and partnerships with foreign companies and entities, and to intercept new interested consumers. The investments made in internationalization by companies therefore contribute to increasing their competitiveness, improving their positioning on international markets and at the same time contributing to the diffusion of Made in Italy in the world.